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New Business Start-ups

Benefits - Cash flow forecasting can be useful to both new and existing businesses.  By projecting into the future based on actual data from a person's books or solid research, a business can find out what their cash flow and bank balance might look like several months to years down the road.

This helps to flush out problems ahead of time while there is still time to take action. In January if a business knows in advance that they are likely to be $4,500 short in the month of August, they may have time to take action and tweak the results until the cash flow works such as:

Securing financing
Collecting deposits
Offering early payment discounts

Making changes to the business
Increased networking
Investing in a new product line or service

Ordering less supplies
Cutbacks in an area of business

In workshops I have done where I ask the participants to come up with ideas to solve a cash flow problem that is presented to them, people have a variety of different ideas for solutions.   

Understanding - Often times there are cycles to businesses, and using actual data can pinpoint what to expect which is often a bit of a surprise to business owners who need to think positively.

Results - A cash flow forecast is an effective ongoing tool that moves business owners into the driver's seat and helps them discover peace of mind.

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